About Us

My introduction to the world of Asian drama was about 4 years ago by my husband as an alternative to western television and as an activity we could enjoy together.

We are both avid fans of kung fu movies and adding Asian dramas to our viewing selection seemed easy enough.Who knew I would be immediately hooked! While we will occasionally watch dramas from Korea and Japan, Chinese drama is most popular in our household.

For us, Chinese drama series tick all the right boxes, offering interesting plots, intrigue, romance, comedy or action, with beautiful spunky or strong willed leading ladies and handsome leading men.

C Drama Aficionado was created out of our love of Chinese drama and a desire to expose other westerners to this wonderful treasure. Please feel free to drop us a line, comments or any suggestions.

We make the best effort to ensure that the content is accurate so if you catch any errors or would like to reach us, please send an email to cdramaaficionado@gmail.com.

We do not own the photos on this site and any materials shared are for the sake of enjoyment and fandom only. No copyright infringement intended